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About Us

Our team is filled with a diverse background of experience in healthcare to meet your goals.

"When Medical Practice Mastery was created, I envisioned creating a community for medical providers to learn, support each other, and have direct access to resources to improve becoming the master of their practice" - Rene Lumene, CEO & Owner

Our Leaders

Rene Lumene

Co-owner of Medical Practice Mastery, LLC. Rene has over 18 years of healthcare leadership and operational experience. A graduate of Webster University with a Master in Business Administration and Master in Healthcare Administration.


Christina Lumene

Co-owner of Medical Practice Mastery, LLC. Christina is an exceptional leader with a strong educational background. Her budgeting and financial acumen has a disciplined approach to ensure medical practices can thrive financially. Her ability to organize and pay attention to detail has been a game changer for our clients and our organization.


Navy Medicine Reserve Spotlight:

Rene Lumene

Read how sometimes formative experiences in the Navy can have a lasting impact on your life and career. Just ask HM1 Rene Lumene.


Our Team

Ankita Goud

Ankita has over nine years of revenue cycle management experience in mental health, primary care, neurosurgery, naturopathic medicine, skilled nursing, DME, cardiology, and hospital billing. She has positively impacted our client's billing because she pays attention to detail, is forward-thinking, and is efficient.

RCM Director

Marie Barrientez

With an exceptional track record in the healthcare industry, Marie's 20+ years professional experience has made her a key member of our team as an Administrative Assistant. Her work ethic and impact cannot be measured. Her customer service skills, experience with insurances and managing skills is why our customers appreciate her quality of work.

Administrative Assistant

Reyna Medina

A true professional with great experience as an Administrative Assistant. Reyna's hard work mentality and integrity is why our clients appreciate her. Her understanding of front end operations and organizational skills has allowed her to thrive with our clients.

Administrative Assistant

Gabriella Santiago

One of our truest grass root employees. Gabriella has learned and gained valuable experience in the healthcare industry as an Administrative Assistant. She has a go getter attitude and continues to be proactive with her approach with our clients.

Administrative Assistant

Sarah Shah

With over 10+ years of professional billing experience, Sarah continues to deliver in all aspects of the revenue cycle process. Her ability to understand and identify billing issues has helped our clients to correct billing issues immediately without impacting revenue.

Billing Specialist

Olivia Matthie

Well experienced professional in the healthcare industry. Olivia's knowledge in health insurance, administration and billing has allowed her to be very versatile and valuable. Her take charge attitude has allowed her to make an impact.

Administrative Assistant

Why partner with an SDVOSB?

Medical Practice Mastery has been vetted and certified by the federal government as a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business. The federal government aims to award at least three percent of all federal contracting dollars to SDVOSB each year. Joining the disabled veterans’ business program makes our business eligible to compete for the program’s set-aside contracts.

Registered in System for Award Management (SAM) 


DUNS Number: 103765669

Certifications: SDVOSB, AABE, MBE, SDB, and VOB Verified

NAICS Codes:


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  • Medical Billing
  • Credentialing
  • Healthcare Consulting
  • Remote Administrative Support
  • Medical Practice Start-Up
  • Strategic Planning
  • Accreditation Preparation
  • Marketing
  • Financial Pro-Forma
  • Staffing

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